Checking in With Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Before her True Hollywood Story aired, Zap2It spoke to Rachael about what she's got going on these days. Rachael referred to her experience with her talk show as "joyous."

It sounds like an interesting work environment, with people bringing their kids and dogs (one person even brings her cat). Rachael said she's excited about how the show's viewers have become the stars and some even have development deals as a result of their appearances.

Rachael said her talk show tries to treat celebrities differently: "We don't treat them like movie stars, but just like next-door neighbors. I think they find that refreshing. We don't just plug a film or something; we let them be themselves and chitchat about fun little cocktail-party things."

As for her wax figure in Madame Tussaud's Rachael said: "She looks so much cuter than me in that dress, it pisses me off! And she's got bigger boobs and a bigger engagement ring than I got. It's really weird; it freaked me out big-time, just scared the life out of me. It's creepy, but in a nice way."


  1. I remember the episode on which the wax figure was premiered. John Stamos of "ER" was the guest helping out with dinner, and, IIRC, Ray said to him as she almost stared at the figure, "You know, the people at Tussaud's gave me something I never knew I had before." Stamos replied, "What was that?" RR shot back, "A rack."

  2. Ha! I do remember that now that you say it, Jeff.


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