Every Day with Rachael Ray Tests America's Popsicles

Happy Fourth of July! I'm heading up to the gorgeous and now smoke-free Lake Tahoe for the big day. Since it's toasty warm all over the place, I thought I'd share some cool treats with you so you can celebrate with something sweet.

In its Big Bite feature, Every Day with Rachael Ray is always looking for the best of different products, like potato chips, sodas, and bottled water. The June-July issue, with it's summer theme, featured the best of the nation's popsicles. The best overall was Dreyer's/Edy's Fruit Bars "for their natural taste and real bits of fruit."

Here are the rest of the best:

Best Creamy - Creamsicle

Best No Sugar Added -Breyers Pure Fruit Fruit Bars

Best Fudge - The Skinny Cow No Sugar Added Fudge Bar

Sentimental Favorite - Blue Bunny Original Bomb Pop

Honorable Mention for Most Innovative - Popsicle Slow Melt Pops: "Added gelatin means they hold themselves together longer than usual (no crazy chemicals involved!)."

If you'd like to see reviews of your favorite product, you can let EDRR know right here.

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