"Fun with Rachael Ray" Shoebox Greeting Card

There's no doubt that Rachael Ray has a self-deprecating sense of humor and doesn't take herself too seriously, so I am pretty sure she will think this card from Hallmark's Shoebox Greetings is pretty darn funny. The "Fun with Rachael Ray" card is part of a line featuring celebrities, including Paris Hilton (two cards), Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Tiger Woods, Tom Cruise, and Simon Cowell. The cards cost $2.49 and are currently available in most Hallmark stores nationwide. Here it is (click on the picture to see a larger image):

How funny is that? I especially like the "secret weapon" for the chicken stock and the "notes for zillionth book." When my husband saw these images (thanks to Hallmark for sending them my way!), the first thing he said was: "How many of those do you think people will send to you?" I said I hope to get many!

Is there anything you'd add to Rachael's set of stuff?


  1. hahaha panula and other thingulas, thats hilarious!

  2. I think the sherry "for cooking" is the funniest part! (But maybe more appropriate for Sandra Lee - Semi Homemade - who my wife's Pennsylvania niece and nephew refer to as that "drunk chef")

  3. It really cracked me up. Those Shoebox folks are good at what they do.

  4. HA HA! We had fun making this card & are glad you're enjoying it :) Thanks a bunch for the shout out! We love your show! All the best, Maura

    Maura Cluthe | tinylittledivision.com

  5. Hi Maura,

    Thanks for stopping by, but this site is written by me (Madeline) and not by Rachael Ray. I'm pretty sure she'd think the card was funny though!


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