My Modern Kitchen

Just thought I'd share a picture of the lengths I went to in order to prepare this week's recipe. What do you do when you want to make a recipe but it's only online and you are out of computer paper? Well, you fire up the WiFi and stick the computer on the kitchen counter, of course.

You place the other recipe you want to use right next to it, with your cutting board in front. Easy, peasy. And you save paper that way, too!


  1. Madeline,

    Nice. But I think some strategically-placed plastic wrap would be necessary to get me to put my laptop that close to the line of fire!


  2. Very true, Mike. The configuration might change if I was chopping anything particularly juicy. As I stand at that counter, the stove is actually behind me, so it's at least save from that....

  3. Okay. I am so jealous. My poor laptop, and my husband's, is covered in shrapnel from our weeknight meals. I never even thought about a cookbook stand. Genius. Or logical.

  4. I got my cookbook stand at Crate and Barrel. They still carry it.


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