The Rachael Ray Divorce Rumor Refuses to Die

You know how if you hear a rumor enough times, you start thinking maybe it might be true? Well, I have heard the Rachael Ray divorce rumor so many freaking times that I'm almost beginning to believe it might be true. After some thought though, I'm sticking with my conviction that this is just gossip.

The most high profile media outlet to weigh in was the New York Post's Page Six yesterday. Page Six says that Rachael and John are breaking up and that: "Her mother is in town from Lake George to help Rachael find an apartment." These rumors have been swirling since a National Enquirer piece waaaaay back in November.

Rachael's rep, Charlie Dougiello, told Page Six the same information we have already heard: "Rachael and John are happier than ever and have been in the Hamptons since Tuesday enjoying the holiday week with friends. Rachael's mom, Elsa, is upstate at the family cabin. There is no truth to reports they are about to get divorced."

Check out what Jacob has to say (I tend to agree). Plus, this just sounds like the same old recycled story from Still, the darn rumor's got legs, doesn't it?

Photo from Every Day with Rachael Ray.

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