Rachael Ray Hits the Mags

Rachael Ray has done her best to defeat those nasty divorce rumors out there. She started with the TV shows and now she's talking to celebrity magazines.

She started with People - there's even a little box on the right side of its cover promoting the story. Inside the magazine, we learn that Rachael and John were on a three-day vacation in the Hamptons when she heard the news. On the same trip, she got an ear infection and failed to teach Isaboo how to swim. Next thing you know, she learns that a gossip blogger (that would be Perez Hilton) is saying that she's getting a divorce. Rachael said, "I don't know where people get this stuff," and "I couldn't be happier." Rachael had this to say about her husband John: "I've got a man who can cook, is a lawyer and a rock star. And he doesn't mind that I come home from work at 10 p.m. What idiot would divorce that?" She said that dealing with these rumors is "a tiny price to pay for such a great life."

The story in In Touch Weekly is similar, even down to the little picture on the side of the cover. Rachael said she and John are "very, very happy,” and tells the story of how they were drinking margaritas together when then heard the news: “John and I were having margaritas together on vacation when we read about the breakup of our marriage." She reiterated her statement about John, too: “John’s a rocker, a lawyer and a good cook, I’d be crazy to give all that up.” The teaser for the In Touch story also says that you can learn about Rachael's vacation plans if you pick up your very own copy.

Rachael's last magazine appearance is in Ok! Magazine, where she basically says the same things that she said to People and In Touch. Now you don't need to buy any of them. See how much money I saved you?


  1. I'm so glad you're setting the record straight with Rachael. I get so sick and tired of reading all of this crap about her. Keep up the good work! I've added your blog to my blog favorites.

  2. I am getting pretty sick of all the rumors, too. It was a little nuts for awhile there!


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