Rachael Ray Makes the Rounds Rebutting Divorce Rumors

Rachael Ray seems to be going to bat to knock down those rumors about a supposedly impending divorce. She has talked to several media outlets about what's going on with her marriage. The first was her interview with ET yesterday, but interviews with Us Weekly, Extra, and Access Hollywood have followed. (Rachael's been promoting a new program with Dunkin' Donuts, which is how all these outlets got ahold of her so easily. More on the new program later today).

When she talked to Us Weekly, Rachael was asked how she deals with the pressure of fame on her marriage. Rachael said: "You know. You laugh it off. I mean, my marriage is great so it doesn’t bother me what people want to chat about. I wish they got it right." As for the rumors, she told them: "I don’t care. I still get to go home to my handsome hubby every night. I mean how dumb would I be to lose that one?" When asked to clarify, Rach said: "I mean, he's a lawyer, he cooks and he’s a rock star. Is there anything missing? I don’t think so!"

Next on the list was Extra: "You know when I read the interview rumors about the end of my marriage I was toasting my husband on the first three days we've had off together in about 6 months of work," Rachel revealed. "We were having margaritas that he had just made for us." Hmmm, margaritas sound good. Sorry, back to the gossip.

Oddly enough, the New York Post is standing by its story even though Rachael herself is denying it. According to Extra, Rachael and her husband John were on a vacation in the Hamptons and planning an anniversary party when they heard the rumors.

Despite the rumors, Rachael is keeping her chin up: "I've got the greatest job in the world, and I do everything for a job that I would do on a day off from a normal job," she said. "So if that's the worst you've got to do is deal with a bunch of rumors, then who cares?"

The Access Hollywood interview was very cute. In the last few seconds of the interview, she talks about how she and John were online planning their trip to Italy to celebrate their anniversary when they saw the rumors. She said they go to Italy every year to visit the place where they got married and to say hello to a tree they planted there (named Enzo, of course).

So, I think we can finally put this icky rumor to bed. No Rachael Ray divorce!

Photo from Access Hollywood.

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