Rachael Ray Addresses Her Critics (Again)

With all the divorce rumors swirling around, I have been neglecting many Rachael Ray interviews that were about other topics. The New York Post's Michael Starr interviewed Rachael and focused on the criticism about her bubbly personality.

The interview was conducted on the day that Rachael was set to interview Bill Clinton. When discussing Clinton's appearance on her show, Rach said it "was the coolest thing the way he talked to the kids and looked into the camera and showed the kids the respect he would show a leader of state."

Rachael told Starr she is happy with the way the talk show is set up and doesn't see any changes for the second season, which starts taping this month. She used the time off to tape Food Network shows in South America and Europe (I'm assuming Tasty Travels).

After trying on four dresses to get ready for the appearance, Rachael said told Starr: "Yes, I am wild, I am goofy, I didn't go to cooking school, blah, blah blah - so sue me." What a great attitude, huh? Rachael went on to say:

"I can't be all things to all people. My family taught me that," she said.

"What am I gonna do, call people who hate me and say, 'Please like me?' I love my job and I think I listen to our viewers and to people when they stop me on the street or at a book signing," she said.

"But reading a bunch of criticism? How can that be healthy for anyone?

"I still make a pretty decent dinner and there are just as many people who find what we do to be really inspiring and fun.

"And those are the people I work for."

I admire Rachael's ability to brush off the critics and keep her perspective. And, for the record, she does still make a pretty decent dinner and there are just as many (if not more) people who find what she does to be inspiring and fun.


  1. Those of us who can't possibly live without RR's new talk show have learned much watching same...
    1)One of her Food Network contemporaries, Bobby Flay, is something of a slob, sez wife Stephanie March...who confessed during a cooking segment, "Sometimes, I think it would just be better if we moved."
    2)RR is deathly afraid of snakes...and keeps inviting Jarod the animal expert, on the show, who brings them.
    3)She's the first one to admit she doesn't know everything...and, as a result, has wisely booked people who do know about everything she doesn't.

  2. I think that doing things like that will only help increase the show's ratings. She is so approachable and real - people always appreciate that.

  3. I think Rachel unfortunatly is trying to playcate her critics. She hasn't been as bubly, giggly or animated on recent episodes of 30 Minute Meals. You should really stick to your guns Rachel, we miss the old you!

  4. Anony - Maybe she's just tired from working so much!

  5. What I had trouble with in the beginning was how she was always yelling. You would think they couldn't afford microphones. At least she stopped doing that but her voice sounds really bad.

    She also doesn't toss salt over her shoulder as much anymore. Thank God that was the other thing that got annoying. I wonder if someone finally told her you only did that when you spilled salt not when you are cooking.

    Other than those two things her show has gotten better. I work so I don't get to watch that much anymore.

  6. Or maybe from her issues with Hubby, Matty!

  7. Alleged issues, Anony, alleged issues. ;)

  8. Sorry Matty. I bought into all the hype! All the time I've spent snooping around on Rachel Ray Sucks has corrupted me!

    Also, thank you so much for this wonderful site! You seem like a really nice person too. If only the haters were more like you!

  9. The salt thing is so bad, it's only
    if you spill. And if were a true
    thing Rachael did she would always
    do it not just when she thinks it's

  10. Good for her.

    I'm looking forward to new shows. If that makes me geek I can live with it.

  11. Anony - the salt thing is "so bad?" I think you might have lost your perspective. It's salt.

  12. Anony - if looking geeky limited my behavior, I probably wouldn't leave the house.

    I'm excited for the new shows, too!


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