Seriously, Rachael Ray Is Not Getting a Divorce

I don't know what is going on lately! There is so much speculation about Rachael Ray's marriage that you'd think the future of the world depended on it. The most recent bout of drama stems from a piece on, which stated that Rachael was "this close" to filing for divorce.

Us Weekly, who I guess is now in the business of responding to stories on, talked to Rachael's rep, who informed them that "There is no truth to it and it's a non-item....Rachael and John are happily enjoying the holiday week up at their cabin."

What is with the fascination and constant speculation? It dates back to at least February and doesn't seem to be letting up. I'll cross my fingers that the media will get tired of this story and leave Rachael and her husband John in peace!

Photo from Us Weekly.


  1. Ehh, don't take anything Perez says with a grain of salt. He's so tabloid it's not even funny. (Frankly he annoys me!)

  2. Good point, Jennifer. I don't ever read his blog for the same reason, but I love Trent!

  3. Madeline,

    If so, can you hook that up for me?
    Missed you at Benner BBQ.


  4. Shane,

    You crack me up. I'm sad I missed the BBQ but I thought of you guys when we went to Fat Tuesday's!


  5. Yes, I *heart* Trent's blog too...but Perez is just in another league...of his own.

  6. I dont get it I watch her show every weekend and the last three episodes I have noticed that she is no longer wearing her wedding rings. Instead she is wearing a simple band of saphires. So if shes not getting a divorce why isnt she wearing her wedding bands?

  7. Maybe John gave her the sapphire ring. Everyone always assumes the worst! Let's try to be more positive, people!


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