This Week on Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Two new episodes this week, on Monday and Tuesday! Here are the highlights from Rachael Ray's talk show this week. For the recipes from this week's shows, check out the shopping list and the recipe archive. The recipes are listed by category in the order they appear on the show.

Monday: Firehouse Chili Cook-off. Rachael hosts the top four chili-cooking firefighters in the country. They compete in Rachael's first four-alarm chili cook-off. Rachael also share thee recipes for chili leftovers and a better-than-nothing workout.

Tuesday: Fashion Fake-Outs. Rachael shares five fashion fake-outs to fix problem areas on your body. We also learn stain removal remedies and the recipe for a new burger Rachael made for a college bound friend.

Wednesday: President Bill Clinton (Repeat). This was a big day for Rachael and her show. She had an hour-long kitchen table chat with former President Bill Clinton. They talk about his childhood struggles with weight. They also discuss their new partnership, which is aimed at changing the way kids eat. President Clinton even joins Rachael in the kitchen! Turkey Bolognese, Turkey Tomato Soup, Turkey Vegetable Chili and Quick & Easy Pizza Dip are what's for dinner. Genisoy Soy Crisps are the snack of the day.

Thursday: Aaron Eckhart (Repeat). Rachael looks at two very different parenting issues with two moms. One had troubles with a live-in nanny and the other is very overprotective of her daughter. Life Coach Harriette Cole helps out both families. Aaron Eckhart stops by to talk about his leading ladies, including current co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones. Sesame 5-Spice Sliced Tuna & Avocado is what's for dinner. Triple Twists from Boyer Candies are the snack of the day.

Friday: How to Make Over Anything (Repeat). How to Make Over Anything. Kristan shows us how a few simple touches can makeover those clothes filling up your closet. Also, changes you can make to your house to get it to sell faster and, in general, how to make over anything. Gretta joins in the fun by making over an audience member. Stuffed Pepper Stoup, Caesar Salad with Fried Ravioli, and Chicken & Vegetable Casserole (check out my review) are what's for dinner. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies from Tate's Bake Shop are the snack of the day.


  1. I didn't think you could put RR and the words "stain removal" in the same paragraph and have it work. It was a funny segment. I feel sorry for the production assistant who had to put up with the stains...and her attempts at removing them. OxyClean seems to work the best, especially on wine.

  2. I have friends who swear by OxyClean - it was a fun segment.


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