Go Behind the Scenes on Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Rochester, New York's local ABC station made a visit out to Rachael Ray's talk show set to check out how Rachael's doing. You can watch the segment here (it will start after a little commercial). The article revealed that before the show even debuted, more than 16,000 people asked for a ticket for a taping. Here are a few excerpts of what Rachael had to say during the visit:

Rachael downplayed her crazy busy schedule:
"Everybody works juggling schedules. We have a whole country of really strong independent people. My job is really easy. Let's analyze what I do. I chat, eat, and make dinner. That's what I would do on a day off. So--please!"

On how it feels to do a talk show:
"The show feels so natural to me,” she said. "I'm naturally curious. It's great to sit and chat about a variety of stuff rather than sit alone and talk to my vegetables."

On how she runs the show:
"Aside from viewers being part of the content, my favorite thing, my number two thing is that we're unscripted and things are such a surprise to me."

On Julie Andrews' visit as a mystery taster:
"Julie Andrews did freak me out a little because that is such a huge iconic person for me and such an influence in all of my life since I was a little itty bitty. Like I said, there are still a few that knock you off your block and take you for a loop."

On interviewing celebrities:
"Oscar winners that once you put them at the kitchen table are just as nice as your next door neighbor or one of your own family members - it relaxes you moving forward. I get as excited as all get out and that will never go away. I'm not as nervous, it's fun."

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