Kid Chef Discusses Her Appearance on Rachael Ray's Talk Show

The Palm Beach Post was pretty excited for 6-year-old Meagan Yannaccone, who recently made an appearance on Rachael Ray's talk show. You may remember her giving Rachael a lesson how to make Banana Waffles. Meagan had this to say about her appearance: "I was really excited. She's really very nice."

Last summer, Meagan and her mom sent an e-mail to the talk show, asking if Rachael had any cookware for kids. Meagan "has a 'kid's' kitchen and would use it and thought other kids would, too." said her Mom. Meagan first met Rachael at a book signing at a Barnes and Noble and has become a huge fan.

After sending the e-mail, they were contacted by a producer for the show, who loved Meagan's personality and asked them to create a video:

"I gave Meagan a fake microphone, and she went around interviewing people from our neighborhood. They wanted to see Meagan react with strangers, so she interviewed them and talked about Rachael. At the end of the video, she says, 'Yum-o!' just like Rachael," she said. "It really turned out cute."

After seeing the video, Meagan and her mom were asked to fly to New York on only five days' notice.

At the show, Meagan visited the prep kitchen in the back and learned how to crack an egg. "You just beat it on the side of a bowl," Meagan said. After the taping, Rachael stopped by to take pictures with Meagan. When asked if she wants her own show, Meagan said: "Yes, I do! It's very exciting to cook on TV."

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