Recycling $40 a Day

I found this press release saying that GAC had a Travel Guide featuring videos from Rachael Ray. So, good Rachael Ray blogger that I am, I headed over there to check them out (wondering to myself how she had time to film anything else).

What they didn't mention was that those videos are just a recycled $40 a Day episode that featured Nashville. I think it's a little sad that they try to pass them off as their own, but it's a fun episode, especially if you are into country music.

Rachael has mentioned several times that Tasty Travels has replaced $40 a Day, so I guess we'll just be happy that this episode has been archived by GAC for our future viewing pleasure.

By the way, have you noticed that they updated Rachael's picture on all the Food Network show sites and recipes? It's a good thing, since the old picture looked it was circa 1998. Now it actually looks like her!


  1. This is not isolated, especially with Scripps Networks. Food Network already airs "Glutton for Punishment" with Bob Blumer, which airs on Food Network Canada and Fine Living channel here. When the episodes air on TFN, they are fully identified as having aired on Fine Living.

  2. It was pretty funny how the GAC press release didn't mention they were from $40 a Day.


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