Top 10 Recipes of the Year from Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Rachael Ray's talk show has been on hiatus, so new recipes being added to the archive are few and far between. Now, we could be bummed about this or we could use it to our advantage!

Luckily, Rachael (okay, fine, her staff) posted the Top 10 Recipes of the Year from her talk show. (By the way, they posted that cleavage picture on their own website, so I went with it.)

I'm going to make to try as many of these recipes as I can, although I have already made two of them. Remember that these are not all 30 minute meals, since Rachael doesn't strictly follow that guideline on her talk show. Check them out for yourself:

1. Buffalo Chicken Chili - I definitely agree with this ranking. You can check out my effusive review of that recipe here.

2. Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Breasts with Cheddar Mustard - I have always wanted to try this one, so maybe I will actually get around to doing it. Plus, it was on that fun episode with Jessica Simpson.

3. Lemon Poppy Chicken with Sweet Pea and Mint Couscous - Loved this one. Here's my review of it.

4. Chicken in Creamy Mushroom Sauce Over Chive Egg Noodles

5. The Ultimate Spaghetti and Meatballs Supper

6. Ravioli Lasagna - this is an old favorite. A version of it dates way back to 30 Minute Meals 2.

7. Balsamic Chicken with Pesto Gravy & Bitter Greens

8. Orange-Cashew Chicken with Broccoli - there's a version of this recipe in 2, 4, 6, 8 that I really enjoyed, but I think I'll try this version, along with the fun Mini Baked Wonton Cups.

9. Salmon En Croute - this one will be a challenge for me to make, unless I can find some wild salmon, since I've read bad things recently about farmed salmon.

10. Grilled Chicken and Eggplant Parm

Have you tried any of these?

[Updated 9-20-07 with new recipe links.]


  1. By "popular" do you think they measured by recipe views or ratings? Just being a geeky blogger. I definitely agree that the Buffalo Chicken chili is really delicious.

  2. I assumed the show just put together their list of favorites, since I have trouble believing Salmon En Croute would be high on the list! Is that just me?

  3. I tried the Pretzel Chicken. The chicken turned out really moist. You should definately try it.

  4. I'm working my way through the list and finding the recipes great so far. Tonight I'm making the Balsamic Chicken. It's just that darn salmon recipe that might not get made.


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