Changes Accompany Second Season Premiere

With the start of Rachael Ray's second season came a whole new look for her talk show's website. I'm sad to say that while I love the look of it, it is much tougher to navigate than the old site. One of my favorite features was going to a show archive page and seeing all the recipes from the episode and the snack of the day. Well, that feature no longer exists.

Check out this page from the second season premiere to see what I mean. Not a recipe to be found. Instead, I had to know the name of the recipe, then run a search for it. What a bummer, since it was so easy before. The closest thing is in the main food page, where you can scroll down and see a widget for Recent Recipes. Maybe this is just temporary (crossing my fingers).

Speaking of the second season premiere - why was there music playing when Rachael was making the fondue and Terri Hatcher was walking in? Was that really distracting or was it just me? I did like how Terri Hatcher was filmed walking in as Rachael was cooking. It made the show feel live and spontaneous.

Another feature I liked - the video B, L, D featuring the High School Musical stars. This is a feature from Rachael's magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, so it was fun to see it translated to the talk show's format.

UPDATE: Ask and ye shall receive. I went to go check out the page for tomorrow's episode and what did I find? A little green box that says "What's for Dinner." Yeah! So, now the show archive pages have the recipes on them. Phew. The green box isn't there for yesterday's show or Thursday's so I'm going to continue to keep my fingers crossed that it becomes a permanent feature!

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  1. The Daily Mail in Britain( up a still from World Entertainment News Network(video grab?)of Teri Hatcher's appearance with RR. It's in the "Celebrity Pictures" section.


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