Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine Teams Up with Taste America For Kids

Rachael Ray's magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, has embarked on a great new partnership to get kids interested in and learning about food. They have partnered up with Taste America ("a national food festival celebrating the bounty and diversity of American cuisine") to extend the idea of that program to children.

Taste America for Kids has an interactive website that gives children a fun way to learn the value of some of the most important foods and where they come from. You can check it out here. There are educational activities and information for kids.

For example, kids can check out Harvest Heroes, which are fruit and vegetable characters with great tips about healthy food and eating right. Or, they can use the Play with Your Food feature, which is a game where kids must choose which foods to eat and which to run away from. There are also fun facts about the Harvest heroes, downloadable wallpapers, recipe cards, screensavers and more games.


  1. i like the show verey mutch i learned a lot but just dont understand why she never clean her meats out of pacage ???????? verey un unhealthy

  2. My parents never rinsed meat off, so I don't either. Do people do that?


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