More Yum-o! Organization Details

Back in April, Rachael Ray launched her new charity, Yum-o! Organization. Since then, its website has gone live, with a ton of information and more details have been released.

Yum-o! Organization is aimed at empowering "kids and their families to improve their relationship with food and cooking." There are three areas of work: "educating kids and their families about cooking, feeding hungry American kids and funding cooking scholarships."

Rachael talked about why she was inspired to start the charity:

"Growing up, I had a very healthy relationship with food and cooking and, throughout my life, I've met people who were positively influenced by lessons learned in the kitchen," said Ray. "We've created Yum-o! to introduce more kids to cooking, which can have such a meaningful impact on their lives and health. Food definitely brings a smile to my face and so many great memories can be made by spending time together as a family in the kitchen," concluded Ray.

To promote the cooking part of its mission, the Yum-O! Organization website has a ton of searchable recipes from Rachael and from anyone who wants to contribute. Like Rachael's cookbook for kids, Cooking Rocks!, the recipes are written for the kids to cook, with the help of a GH (Grownup Helper).

The Detroit Free Press' J.M. Hirsh spoke to Rachael about her new endeavor. Rachael told Hirsh that she was inspired by the work of other celebrity chefs, including Jamie Oliver and Alice Waters, both of whom worked to improve school lunch programs (Oliver did it in England, while Waters did it in her California community).

I was excited to learn that Paul Newman inspired Rachael to create a line of products to benefit Yum-o!. It will include children's cookware and books, with the profits going to the charity.

Getting down to brass tacks, Rachael "expects to spend close to $750,000 of her own money launching Yum-o! this year, and has pledged to cover any fundraising shortfalls in the future." She had this to say about funding the program: “It’s a blank check as far as I’m concerned,” Ray says of the proceeds, as well as the seed money she provided to launch the organization. “I have no idea what it’s cost so far. I don’t care. As long as the check doesn’t bounce."

Rachael sums up how the charity fits into what she's been doing all along:

“It’s the reason I do 30-minute meals,” she says. “It’s been the center vibe of everything I’ve ever done in my own life, simplifying good food and leading people to the good life, whether they’re have nots or haves.”


  1. When I was a kid I had a cookbook made just for kids. I liked that it was just for kids and the recipes were easy. I think that helps to get kids into cooking.

  2. Rhea - Rachael Ray has a cooking for kids themed cookbook, too. It's called Cooking Rocks! and you can find it in my left hand sidebar!


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