Rachael Ray Ringtones

Okay Verizon Wireless customers - you can get yourself a Rachael Ray ringtone. I'm not making this stuff up. Verizon is offering 12 different ringtones featuring Rachael. You can listen to all of them by following that link, but here's the text of what she says:

1. Get The CP Before It Goes To Your VM
2. Pick It Up.. This Person Is Delicious!
3. Sniff Out This Caller
4. This Caller Is Yum-O!
5. Trust Me, You Want To Pick This Up
6. Wake Up, Time To Cook Breakfast
7. Wake Up, Time To Eat Again
8. You Got A TM, Check It Out
9. You've Got A Voicemail
10. You've Got Another Text

These things crack me up. She sounds like she had some fun with it and definitely didn't take it seriously. Speaking of cell phones, you can check out the first voicemail that Rachael's husband John left for her in this video.


  1. OT from your post but I finally got to see the RR THS E! story! They have it on On Demand on Comcast right now! It was great seeing her story.


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