TV Tattler Interviews Rachael Ray

AOL's TV Tattler recently published an exclusive interview with Rachael Ray that discusses some topics I've never seen her talk about before. Shocking! This interview is part of her media blitz to promote the second season of her talk show, which premiered yesterday. And how great does she look in that picture?

Angel Cohn talked to Rachael about "what will be different, what cool stars she's talking to next, and her least favorite part of the show." Here are a few excerpts from the interview, but you can go here to check out the whole thing.

You are doing recipes on your show, in your magazine and in your books. Do you ever get writer's, or recipe, block?
Sure, but it is easier for me than it is for a "chef" chef. I'm allowed to do burgers and pastas. People look to me for what's for dinner, not how to impress a dinner party of 12. It's not like I'm doing Michelin's two- or three-star food and it has to be something that the world has never seen before. It is about making dinner fun.

Are you ever worried about repeating yourself?
I'm sure I have, but there's always a variation on a theme. I try and make the food fun and it is always well-received. Whatever [product] they end up with, I'm sure there's something in there that pleases somebody, at least some of the time.

A recent article said your show has the highest demand for tickets out of any talk show.
We have over 100,000 people on the wait list. It's pretty crazy.

Is that overwhelming?
I think it is fun. People see the amount of fun we're having. It is very inclusive. Our show highlights our viewers, they are a lot of our content. We are the only show that has a lazy susan. People want to come in because its kind of an Epcot center feel to it. They spin! And they get a snack. I've never been weirded out by the popularity of the show or when people stop me. People see me and say, "Hey, Rach." I have to stop and think, "Are they a fan or do they live in my building." No one ever freaks out over me.

When you started, did you think you'd make it to a second season?
I think we were just focused on building another layer. The magazine and the food network shows, they all have this one theme which is you don't have to be rich to live a really rich life. Give each day a little adventure even though you've got to go to work and you've got to pick up the kids. No matter what the constraints are, there is still a way to look at life that makes it so it isn't such a burden. We decided to take that to the next level and make the show not about me, but show people how other people live. I've always thought of it as a forum, like a really fun swap meet. It is just a place for people to come together where they have the same attitude and want to take a bite out of life.

Photo from AOL's TV Tattler.


  1. That picture looks really photoshopped! Rachel, please don't conform to our societies warped standards of beauty! You look great the way you are now.

  2. It's Rachael. But, I don't think it looks really photoshopped. Either way, she doesn't look like stick figure. She just looks good!

  3. I love Rachael but as soon as I saw the picture I thought photoshop. That's just the way it is today (for celebs).


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