24 Recipes with Seven or Fewer Ingredients

I was flipping through the latest issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray when I ran across an ad for 24/7 Recipe Assistance. To promote its 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Ford has teamed up with Rachael Ray's magazine to provide 24 recipes that each use 7 ingredients or less. This is basically a compilation of recipes from the magazine, but it's a perfect resource for when you are trying to cook out of your pantry or just want a meal that's not too complicated.

You can find the recipe collection here.


  1. Now this just goes to show that she
    will put her name on anything. Now
    can you honestly tell me her food
    would have anything to do with Ford
    and roadside safety? It does not.

  2. Anony,

    Your comment is just nonsensical. She's not putting her name on anything. Her magazine and Ford are doing a joint promotion, with the benefit to the readers of a great resource for recipes with 7 ingredients.

    May I suggest that you don't spend your time reading a blog about Rachael Ray if you aren't a Rachael Ray fan? I'm just sayin'.

  3. As it is still a free country I think I can spend my free time however I like. I'm just saying.
    Must go now and write to Ford and
    let them know what I think of their
    new promotion..free country and all.

  4. Ooooh, I love the good old "free country" argument. Completely avoids the substance of what I stated, but good try.

    Now, because it's a free country, I can reject your comments from here on out! You have the right to unreasonably waste your time reading about someone you don't like and I have the right to prevent you from doing so on my site! Yeah for free countries!

    Sorry regular ERR readers, but sometimes I have to let the trolls through for some free therapy for myself. It's a great stress reliever.

    Although, it does make me consider disabiling anonymous comments.

  5. well i'd like to thank you for linking to this. it's the perfect thing for me to kill some time tomorrow at work...i mean...ummm...yeah ;)

    you're awesome!

  6. I agree with you Madeline and I understand the need to answer these people sometimes. This is a great website that I enjoy visiting often.

  7. Madeline,

    Just perfect response to anonymous, a person so proud of him or herself that they couldn't use their own name. Can you imagine the type of person who would spend time trolling Rachael Ray sites just to make these kinds of comments? Thanks for the links -- short ingredient recipes are always welcome.

  8. Thanks, Jacki. You know, I'd probably be mad at the trolls if I didn't feel so sorry for them.


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