Clips from Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Katharine McPhee performs "Over It":

It's not Christmas time anymore, but after you check out this video about Santa Speaking, you will be ready when it comes around again:


  1. Did you ever notice how much Katherine McPhee looks like Rachael Ray? Seriously?

  2. Rachel Ray can no longer be cooking food with her hair hangin right down in it. It looks terrible and everytime I watch her (which isn't frequently anymore because of this) all I can think of is her stringy hair falling out in the food!

    I always cover my hair when cooking or tie it up---to let it hang in the food over the stove, etc is just so unclean...shame on her

  3. Gail - Yeah, I ALWAYS wear a hair net or tie my hair back when I cook after a long day of work.

    What the heck? Who are you? Who does that? Do you live in a commerical kitchen?

    Shame on you for having a superiority complex.


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