New Official Rachael Ray Website

Rachael's collection of websites is undergoing quite an overhaul these days. Now her official website got a facelift, making it very user-friendly and "the most comprehensive collection of Rachael's recipes, get great travel and restaurant suggestions" out there.

The new site is much more detailed and interactive than the last two. It has a wide range of categories and features, with a clear goal of being easy to use and helpful. The whole site just feels fun and upbeat, which is a feat in itself.

Here are a few thoughts I had after surfing the site for a bit:
  • I'm excited to see the addition of blogs, including one for Rachael! I wish the posts all had names attached to them (see the Food Blog for one without the name of the author) and I don't really get the Friends Blog (who are they?) but otherwise, I think it's a great idea to break them up by topic area. I have to go update my RSS feeds....
  • Love, love, love the huge compilation of Rachael's recipes all in one place, coupled with a great way to conduct a narrow search. I'm thinking these are the recipes from Rachael's magazine and her talk show combined, since it doesn't look like the Food Network ones are there. What a great new resource.
  • There's a Travel section where you can check out restaurants that Rachael has visited and see suggestions from other Rachael Ray fans.
  • One thing I'm worried about - the trolls are going to go crazy on this site. I hope they do a good job of moderating comments so that we don't have to be subjected to that stuff.

PS - Happy Birthday to me! I know you're supposed to be blasé about birthdays when you're my age (30 today!), but I've just never really gotten on that bandwagon. We went to Crush 29 in Roseville and had an amazing meal to celebrate.


  1. Happy bday! I need to go try Crush 29, how was it?

  2. It's awesome. Everytime we eat there, I am shocked by how amazing the food is and the prices are very reasonable. The chef used to be at The Firehouse. Everyone in our party of 14 loved their food, except for the Mushroom Risotto.

  3. Happy Birthday to send me my Sourdough snacks!!!!!!

  4. Girl, you should NEVER be blase' about those milestone birthdays! I was pretty excited about turning the big 3-0, myself. I was ready for people to start taking me seriously because I was finally a true "adult." Go big on the -0 and -5 years, I say, but take it easy on the ones in between. Hope your 30s are fabulous!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Re: Trolls - there are gonna be TONS! I have never understood why people spend so much time hating? Sure there are shows or TV personalities that I can't stand, but to actually start a website or go to a site about that person/show & rag on it doesn't make sense to me. Don't they have something better to do with their time?

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Carey and Leigh!

    Yeah, trolls are really an enigma to me. I prefer to focus on the positive.


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