November Issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray

Rachael's magazine went green this month, by switching to recycled paper. You can take a quiz online to see how green you are.

The highlight of this month's issue is the Thanksgiving on a budget feature, which provides a menu for about $10 a head. The meal includes Autumn Greens and Apple Salad, Maple-Glazed Roast Turkey with Apple Cider Gravy, Toasted Cornbread, Bacon and Chestnut Stuffing, Chive Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake, and Caramel Apple Layer Cake. You can even get a handy dandy shopping list for the whole menu. There's also a Thanksgiving Planner than includes a variety of recipes and menus from this issue and previous issues.

The Step by Step feature continues the Thanksgiving theme, with instructions on how to carve a turkey. You can watch an online video to learn the technique.

In the all important 30 Minute Meals section, find out how to make Chipotle-Pumpkin Black Bean Soup, Jambalaya Supper Stuffing, Qué Pasta Mac 'n' Cheese, Spaghetti with Sardine-Fennel Sauce and Spinach Salad, Butternut Squash Risotto, Roast Broccolini and Beans, Strip Steaks with Salsa, Roasted Potato Wedges and Hearts of Palm Salad, and Smoky Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Chorizo.

In Kitchen Fix, Evette Rios finishes off a kitchen remodel with some extra storage space. You can get some tips from Evette in these videos. In her Mucho Gusto column, Daisy Martinez offers are recipe that combines baked apples and pumpkin pie - Cazuela Baked Apples.

In a new feature called Remix, the magazine tells us how to transform the leftovers from five of the recipes from this issue into lunch: Stuffed Avocado, Ham "Salad" Sandwich, Bavarian Gyro, Squash Apple Soup, and Chicken Tortilla Salad. The No Recipe Zone offers a method for making Stuffing Squares.

In the entertaining section of the magazine, get the menu for a Retro 80's party (including a music playlist) and a Thanksgiving Leftovers Cocktail Party. This month's Celeb Fridge features Susan Sarandon in the back of a City Harvest truck.


  1. I just read this today! It wasn't too bad. I was dissappointed becuase they usually have some veg recipes in there. Oh well. I also was a little irked by the Susan Sarandon thing. They might as well have just put a big flashing neon ad that said "City Harvest". It would have been better if they went to her actual fridge but still promoted the nonprof. Oh well deux.

  2. The promotion of City Harvest makes sense since Rachael does a bunch of work with them and has featured them on her talk show. I thought it was appropriate for a Thanksgiving issue to discuss hunger.


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