Parade Magazine Interviews Rachael Ray

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Rachael Ray was recently interviewed by Parade Magazine. The article includes a great photo slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

The interviewer met with Rachael after a taping of her talk show. She "kicked off her red heels and tugged on fuzzy bunny-rabbit slippers." When asked if her feet hurt, Rachael said: "Listen, I’m a restaurant person. I live on my feet.”

When called on to describe her show, Rachael said it is “all about simplifying, really good living, affordable fashion, accessibility and sharing.” She was proud to say that even big stars like Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman sit around the kitchen table to chat.

Rachael was asked (again) how she is surrounded by food all the time without gaining a weight: “I still do the calisthenics I did in the fourth grade. And when I get sweaty, I just leave. That’s a problem, because I like to sit up in bed eating while I watch movies with my dog [a pit bull named Isaboo]. My favorite food is comfort food—beans and greens, with olive oil and a big loaf of bread. My husband’s favorite is pasta carbonara.”

Here's an excerpt from the background section of the article:

"Brady's Bits

If you think Rachael is a fluky overnight success, you’re wrong. She really knows food. “My father’s a Cajun from Louisiana—Creole, a mix of Welsh and French,” she said, “and my mother is Sicilian.” Rachael grew up in a culinary tradition and worked in several of her family’s restaurants, as well as in the fresh-food department at Macy’s in New York. Later she managed pubs and restaurants on Lake George. The CBS-TV station in Albany put her on the air with a 30-minute meal segment for the local news, and along came the Food Network with an offer. With her new show and other commitments, she said, “I did 285 episodes of various shows in the last 12 months. Sometimes, when I have a cold, I come in sick and do the show in my TV-friendly PJs.”

Born Aug. 25, 1968, in Glens Falls, N.Y. Married to musician John Cusimano since 2005.

Why You Know Her
She also has a cooking show on the Food Network called 30 Minute Meals, has written 14 cookbooks and runs the magazine Every Day With Rachael Ray.

What You Don’t Know
Despite working in Manhattan, she and John still consider their house upstate on Lake Luzerne their true home—which they share with Rachael’s mother, Elsa. "

Photo from Parade.

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