Rachael Ray Recipes for Fall Fruits and Veggies

I hate to be the one to break this news to you, but we are already about halfway through Fall. I know, I know, it's sad. But, just consider this your chance to try a whole bunch of new recipes with Fall fruits and vegetables. The Food Network was kind enough to create this wonderful chart to show us what's in season during the Fall:

I've mentioned before that I am focusing on trying to cook using fruits and vegetables that are in season, especially since I live in produce-friendly California. Almost every Rachael Ray recipe calls for garlic, so I'll just skip that one. Here are some recipes for the rest of the Fall fruits and veggies:


  1. I'm always looking for seasonal recipes..this is great, thanks!

  2. Glad I could help! Let me know if you review any of them on your site.


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