November Sweeps for Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray's talk show is pretty excited about its lineup for November sweeps. First up is the "So You Think You Can Cook?!" contest, which involves real life cooks vying for a spot to be the next Rachael Ray. The contestants have been narrowed down to five finalists who will compete in challenges starting November 5th. Each Monday in November, a contestant will be voted out and the winner will be announced on November 26th. The finalists are from Cuyahaoga Falls, Ohio; Seattle, Washington; Laguna Niguel, California; Lewisville, Texas; and Los Angeles, California. I obviously have to root for the California folks.

The show will welcome guests including Paula Deen, Nigella Lawsen, Guy Fieri, Teri Hatcher, Julianne Moore, Robin McGraw, Seal, John Stamos, Dustin Hoffman, Marcia Cross, Dylan McDermott, Eric Dane, Taye Diggs, Sara Ramirez, Vanessa Williams and a multiple Oscar winning Mystery Taster. Looks like one heck of a lineup.

The show will also continue its "Human Lab" segments, where audience members test new products and trends, then report back on the results. The November Human Lab will have three women test new exercise machines.

If you don't have Rachael Ray's talk show on your local station, you are sooo out of the loop. It is in 194 markets and airs in nearly 99% of the country.


  1. I love Rachael, but it seems the tabloids don't. There's no truth to the latest Enquirer story about Rach kicking John out and divorcing him is there?

  2. There hasn't been any truth to the other stories they ran saying the same thing for the past year, so I'm thinking there's no truth to this one either.

  3. I'm amazed Christie Brinkley was on for virtually the entire hour on 11/1. She's really something...and her son's idolatry of RR...she's a hero at home, for sure. The previews of the balance of the month's lineup make me want to watch.

  4. I thought it was pretty cute how Rachael kept talking to her son, too.


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