Rachael Ray on Good Morning America

It's time for the book promotion to begin! Rachaels 14th cookbook, Just in Time, was released yesterday. Rachael kicked off the book tour with an appearance on Good Morning America. You can check out video of the segment with Rachael, where she discusses the So You Think You Can Cook contest and shares three recipes. She shows the crew how to make 15-Minute Paella, a 30-minute Carbonara Deep-Dish Pasta-Crusted Pan Pizza, and a 60-minute Southern Shepherd's Pie. You can get the recipes here.

Rachael also got the chance to chat about Yum-o! Organization. She mentions that Furi will be releasing a parent/child cooking sets and confirms that her next cookbook, entitled Yum-o, will be coming out in the Spring.

I was also excited to hear that all the Food Network stars will be stopping by Rachael's talk show to share their Thanksgiving recipes. She also mentioned that creating a new cookbook is pretty natural, since there are over 600 30-minute meals from her Food Network show and her talk show busts out 180 recipes each season (although not all of those are 30 minutes). Enjoy the video and the new cookbook!


  1. Hey Madeline, How are you? I haven't commented in awhile! So, I met Rachael yesterday at the Moorestown mall, I don't know really what I expected, maybe the opportunity to give her a hug and tell her how much her cooking has influenced me, blah, blah, blah! Instead, I got up to the line (my friend and I had to say we weren't together or we would have only gotten 1 picture taken :-(
    One person took my book, one person took my camera, I walked up said hello and how nice it was to meet her, she said "honey turn around so the guy with the camera can see you" and she giggled and gave me the autographed book back. For the picture we had to stand in front of the table, turn around and lean in to her - not a very forgiving position to the female body! Well, at least I got a picture of us, I will post it on my blog today if you would like to see it.

  2. Kristy - I'm doing well - it's good to hear from you! Yeah, I have heard that about her book signings. I guess they have to find a way to make it through the highest number of people in the short time that she's there. Imagine how long it would take if every person in that line had gotten more than one book signed or taken the time to go behind the table, take the pic, chat with Rach, then move on.

    However, she does make an exception for kids - they get to come behind the table for a chat and a picture.

  3. I know, my girlfriend who was with me regretted bringing her 3 year old - although it wouldn't of been that fun for her standing out in the freezing cold!! I just wish I would've gotten a better pic! Have you ever met her? Been to any of her shows? I have been trying since her show started to get tickets - any advice?

  4. Nope, I've never been to a taping or even a personal appearance! I live in California, so she doesn't make it out here very often. When she does make it, it's at least 2 hours away and it's usually on a weekday. So, I'm out of luck!

    As for getting tickets for her show, I hear it's next to impossible, since there are hundreds of thousands of people on the waiting list. Even if you get tickets, you still aren't even guaranteed to get into a taping, so it's rough out there!


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