Rachael Ray Roundup and Thanksgiving Recap

How was your Thanksgiving! Mine turned out pretty well, although I had a couple mishaps. We started with a Rachael Ray recpe for kids from her Open House Cookbook. It's just one can of Hormel No Bean Chili with 8 oz of cream cheese melted in. Soooo good and easy for a day when you have a gazillion other things to make. For the bird, I ended up making Maple-Glazed Roast Turkey with Apple Cider Gravy, which was simply outstanding. I felt like a real pro buttering under the skin.

I think I was a little cocky when it came to the sides, since I overcooked the Southern Green Beans a little (they lost their bright green color) and I realized Thursday morning I did't have muffin tins for the Stuffin Muffins. Oops. I have no idea where those things went. I used ramikins, but the muffins didn't come out of them well. Even though they fell apart, they were still crispy on top and tasted awesome.

I also made Holiday Spiced Sweet Potatoes from Elise at Simply Recipes (she'll be so proud of me for branching out) and they were killer. A little different with the orange zest and lemon juioce and full of flavor. The butter and brown sugar didn't hurt, either. I even added my own touch by throwing some pecans on top. These sweet potoatoes might become a staple for our Thanksgiving. My mother in law's classic mashed potatoes, her homemade cranberry sauce, brown and serve rolls, and my favorite cranberry jelly shaped like a can rounded out the menu. We were all completely stuffed, happy, and certainly thankful.

You can check out the pictures of how it all turned out here (sorry but some of them are fuzzy - I was in a rush!). And now, I'll spend the rest of the day today avoiding going to any retail stores.

Here are some Rachael Ray posts from around the blogosphere this week. If you see a post that you think would be good for the Roundup, or you write one yourself, e-mail me so I can be sure to include it.

  • Just in Time debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list at number two in its category.
  • In a superstitious effort to help his college football team win, Todd of Roll 'Bama Roll admits he is obsessed with Rachael Ray.
  • Christina Milian announced on her blog that she will be visiting Rachael Ray's talk show in December.
  • Ok! Magazine runs another story about Rachael Ray denying the divorce rumors.
  • Carolyn at Tasting Spoons tried the Stuffin Muffins last year and while they were good, she wasn't wowed.
  • Gallery of the Absurd has a very funny spoof on Rachael Ray's magazine.
  • Christina is right - Rachael Ray is the representative of the movement to make cooking more acceptable. I went from bringing nothing to Thanksgiving to preparing it myself because of Racahel Ray!
  • You can check out the behind the scenes story of Cojo's makeover of a cheesemaker here.
  • Blue Gal is missing out - Rachael Ray's Pumpkin Pie Martinis are simply outstanding. Admittedly, they are rich, so one or two is enogh.
  • WIFR informs us that people want to invite Rachael Ray over for dinner.


  1. thanks for the linky love but it's Blue Gal, not girl. And I like my pumpkin pie WITH my martini, not in it.

    You've done a lovely job with this blog and I'll find a recipe and report back to you on it to say thanks.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Blue Gal and I'll fix the post! Must have been all those martinis.

    You know she actually has a martini with pumpkin pie filling in it, but we went for the one that just has the pumpkin spice filling. More for me!

  3. I also made the recipe for the stuffin muffins but I just used one baking dish. That turkey sounds awesome. Will have to try. Thank you.

  4. Anony,

    I think that's what I'll do next year, because the odds of me remembering to buy large muffin tins between now and then are not good.

  5. I think the people who don't like RR and complain on their anti-RR blogs are either 1)jealous, 2)totally untalented around the kitchen or 3)curmudgeons. The rest of us who idolize and/or worship her know better.

  6. Jeff - I stopped trying to understand why they did it! And I'm actually pretty glad that I don't understand it.


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