Rachael Ray's Fashion Secrets

Sorry for this post guys, but we girls really do find this stuff interesting. The New York Post has a secret from Rachael Ray to share with us - how she hides her bum. The newspaper talked to Rachael's stylist, Jane Harrison Fox, who says: "When I try to bring more pencil skirts in, anything that clings to the bootilicious, forget it. That’s what she wants to hide."

Fox informs us that Rachael "knows what she likes, what she wants and, more importantly, what doesn’t work for her." Fox also had these comments about Rachael's wardrobe:

"We want her to embrace her figure. And she does. She likes to eat, and she knows she’s just not going to change that. That doesn’t mean that she’s in love with her figure. It’s more like, hey, this is who I am,” says Fox.

"I think she could get away by wearing tighter, more curvy girl clothes."

For the last season of Rachael's talk show, Fox picked Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses and Prada heels. This was "a purposeful departure from the soccer-mom jeans, wide belt and tucked-in shirt ensembles she wore on the Food Network." This season it's more about comfort, so Rach is wearing "more flared jeans, jersey tops and ballet flats."

On her food/weight philosphy:
"I like food, I eat, and I’m a size 6. I don’t care about being a zero. I get dressed and then I avoid looking in any reflective surface for the rest of the day."

On selecting her wardrobe:
"We do three shows a day, so the first thing we decide is whether it’s going to be an all-jeans day, or do I feel like putting on hose? And really, who ever feels like putting on hose? Clothes should be comfortable. Even if I loved a dress, if it was too tight or too low or too this or too that, I won’t do it."

Photo from Every Day with Rachael Ray.


  1. Sigh.

    I'm not sure that, upon starting my cooking blog a few months ago, I'm embracing my figure as much as I am embracing the thought of losing it.

    Kudos to Rachael, though!

  2. Ah yes, the dangers of food blogging! I actually lost weight when I started ERR, but that is probably because of the mass quantities of fast food I was previously eating.


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