Rachael Ray's New Cookbook Releases Today

Guess what day it is? November 6! What? That doesn't mean just one thing to you? What kind of Rachael Ray fan are you, anyways? Today is the day that Rachael Ray's new cookbook, Rachael Ray: Just in Time: All-New 30-Minutes Meals, plus Super-Fast 15-Minute Meals and Slow It Down 60-Minute Meals, is released. If you click that link, there's even a little video of Rachael talking about her new cookbook.

Because I am a supernerd, I didn't preorder it. When there's a book I'm really looking forward to, I prefer the little ritual of walking over to the bookstore from my office, picking up the book, and buying it that day. I know, I have issues. But I'm the same way with any of my favorites, whether from Rachael Ray or the late, great, Robert Jordan.

So, I'm off to the bookstore now and I'll be preparing a brand new recipe tonight! If you can't make it to pick up the book today, check out this recipe, which Rachael was proud to say was from her new cookbook.


  1. Haha, cute. I like buying books in person too. Except I can never leave with just one...

  2. Have you considered a "Dear Madeline" section? As in "Dear Madeline, I'd like to prepare a RR main dish for a dinner party but want it to be one that goes in the oven so I can socialize and not worry about cooking once guests arrive. Any suggestions?"

  3. When I went to buy it, the ladies in the store were RR fans, so that made it even more fun.

    Jeny - LOVE that idea! I'll have to add something to my sidebar!

  4. So I would love to know what you think of the book? Also I would love to know which is your favourite RR book?

  5. Nellbe,

    My first impression is very good! My only complaint is that the majority of the recipes are just entrees instead of full menus (entrees with sides).

    My favorite cookbook from RR is still 30 MInute Meals 2 because it is completely set up as full menus and sometimes even has deserts and cocktails.


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