This Week on Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Another week with five all new episodes. Here are the highlights and recipes from Rachael Ray's talk show this week. For the recipes from this week's shows, check out the shopping list and the recipe archive.

Monday: So You Think You Can Cook?! The top five finalists in the "So You Think You Can Cook?!" contest compete in their first challenge. Julianne Moore visits to make kid-friendly Pretzel-Crusted Chicken & Zucchini Strips With Cheddar-Spicy Mustard Dipping Sauce.

Tuesday: Robin McGraw. Dr. Phil's wife, Robin McGraw, reveals her best beauty secret. Then, Rachael Ray sends Justin Willman as an undercover classmate to a high school reunion to see what really happens. Stuffed Jumbo Pork Chop Saltimbocca With Seared Kale, Pork Tenderloin Saltimbocca With Wilted Spinach, and Saltimbocca Panini With Fresh Baby Arugula Salad are what's for dinner.

Wednesday: Oscar-Winning Mystery Taster. Rachael Ray welcomes a two-time Oscar winning mystery taster. Rachael also tells us about all the germs that are carried in your purse. Caesar-Stuffed Eggs, Mom's Olive Spread, and Turkey Meatloaf With Creamy Asiago Gravy, Roasted Broccoli & Tomatoes are what's for dinner.

Thursday: Sara Ramirez. Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez stops by with behind-the-scenes stories from the set. Animal guy Jarod Miller brings some deadly animals. For dinner, Rach makes Wild Cacciatore and Spinach-Artichoke Hummus & Cheesy Toast.

Friday: Vanessa Williams. Ugly Betty star Vanessa Williams talks to Rachael about putting a tracking chip in her dog Isaboo. Lara Spencer talks celebrity gossip. For dinner, Rachael makes Supper-Size Egg Rolls and Easy Cheesy Enchiladas.


  1. A bit OT but I have a new BFF at work. She is a member of the RR sux community on LJ!!! UGH! I told her I was a huge RR fan. Then again, she likes country music and I can't stand go together, despite our differences! LOL!

  2. If only most people thought the way you did. Just becuase some likes RR doesn't make them an idiot! And just becuase someone likes country doesn't make them an idiot!

    Those Suxters just need to chill and not take it all so seriously.


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