This Week on Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Another week with five all new episodes. Here are the highlights and recipes from Rachael Ray's talk show this week. For the recipes from this week's shows, check out the shopping list and the recipe archive.

Monday: So You Think You Can Cook?! Finale. The finalists participate in a challenge and returning guest Marcia Cross participates as a celebrity judge. Check out the show's message boards at 4 p.m. ET to talk to the contestants. Tenderloin Steaks With Roasted Tomato Steak Sauce & Sage Brown Butter-Balsamic Ravioli is what's for dinner.

Tuesday: Valerie Bertinelli's Huge Christmas Surprise. Rachael introduces us to a man who "went from single guy to single dad of three when he was 20 years old" and one of Rachael's buddies helps change his life. And I'm excited about this next segment. The show asks: does Rachael really make her 30-minute meals that quickly? We get to go behind the scenes of her Food Network show to find out. Elsa’s Chicken Curry and Elsa’s Chicken Soup With Broken Spaghetti are what's for dinner.

Wednesday:Susan Lucci. Susan Lucci offers an inside look at Christmas with her family and Rachael shares her favorite Christmas Eve tradition. Cojo gives a farm girl a glamorous makeover. French Toast Cups With Fresh Fruit & Cream, Ham, Leek & Gruyere Baked Egg Cups, White Cioppino, and Polenta Egg Cups With Balsamic-Roasted Grapes & Sausages are what's for dinner.

Thursday: Mark Steines' Tips for the Perfect Holiday Card. Entertainment Tonight's Mark Steines talks about Hollywood gossip and his own tips for creating a great holiday card. Colby and Gretta share a "he said/she said" guide to gifts. Square Meal: Grilled Chicken And Smashed Broccoli & Potatoes With Gouda Gravy, Tangy, Sweet BBQ Gravy, and Bacon-Wrapped Scallops are what's for dinner.

Friday: Deborah Norville. Inside Edition's Deborah Norville gets Rachael to bake with her and shares recipes for her favorite holiday cakes. Lara Spencer's dishes about a Nascar driver. A girl who exchanged a Bat Mitzvah present for one of Rachael's knives gets a big surprise. Sukiyaki Stir-Fry is what's for dinner.


  1. Saw Tuesday's show. How delightful. The single guy turned single dad was very deserving and he has a tough job to do. The 30MM feature was fascinating, albeit short(standard for RR, I guess). I can hardly wait to see if Deborah Norville can get RR to bake successfully(Lord knows, Paula Deen tried).

  2. I am so behind on TiVo! Darn Thanksgiving got me all off track!


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