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Thanks to my cousin Jeny (who came up with the idea), this is the first time I'm doing a post called "Ask Madeline." I get e-mails all the time from people looking for a certain recipe or wondering what Rachael Ray does with [fill in the blank].

Answering these e-mails is one of the best parts about running ERR, since I feel like I can put my oddly encyclopedic knowledge of Rachael Ray's recipes to good use. Plus, her new talk show website makes it really hard to find old recipes. At least the Food Network has recently improved its search function. Sorry, I digress. Here is the first of the Ask Madeline posts!

Julie asked:

I am looking for a recipe of Rachel's (actually it's her mom's) that I watched over the weekend while I was sick. It could've been 30-minute meals and it could've been her show, I can't remember because I had a bunch of them DVR'd. It was a simple spaghetti dinner that her mom makes with hot and sweet sausage, peppers and onions and then the tomato basil sauce. I am mostly just interested in the sauce to make it for my kids. Any idea where that was or how I can find it??

Thanks !! I hope you can help!

Since Rachael Ray's talk show doesn't air on the weekends, odds were good this was on 30-Minute Meals. Using the Food Network's new search options, I think I found them. The title of the show is Just Like Mama Used to Make. It includes recipes for Spaghetti all' Elsa and Roasted Sausages, Peppers, and Onions and Cheesy Bread with Black Pepper. Both recipes are rated 5 stars by Food Network viewers, so I bet these are keepers.

Good luck with the recipes, Julie!
So what do you think - should Ask Madeline be a regular feature or am I the only one who thinks it's interesting?


  1. This is a terrific idea! Wow, thanks :-)

  2. Thanks, Lis. Glad it's not just me. Although, apparenetly its just me and you!

  3. I like this idea as well!! :) Two thumbs up here!

  4. I think it is a good idea too!

  5. Okay good, because I already have a couple of them written!

  6. Okay good, because I already have a couple of them written!

  7. She redid this on her talk show, emphasizing the need for about six pots and pans. It was pretty cool because she did it in about 7 minutes, because she has some ingredients cooking or pre-cooked when she started the segment. I think she did this because she thought she hadn't quite matched her mom's flavor, hence the need to show all the pans used by her mom in the actual recipe.

  8. I know I am one who has e-mailed you for RR help, so of course I think it is a fabulous idea! PS I second the motion that the search on the RR show site sucks bad!


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