A Rachael Ray Christmas: Desserts

Like Rachael Ray, I'm not much of a baker. I made Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake once, and I can make chocolate chip cookies, but that's about it. I understand many people find joy in it, but baking stresses me out!

However, in honor of my Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake success, I'm thinking I might try out a new Rachael Ray Christmas dessert this year. I'm leaning towards the peanut brittle, but I have a few other options in mind, too.

I tried not repeat things from last year's Rachael Ray Christmas desserts post (the fudge wreath is the exception), so this serves as an update to the last one. Most of these are from her magazine and you'll have to tell me if you end up trying them during your Christmas festivities:


  1. I was thinking about trying the Cherry Breakfast Cake too!

  2. The funny thing is that the picture of it doesn't look that amazing, but the list of ingredients and the idea of it sound awesome to me.

  3. I'm thinking of making the hazelnut chocolate tart!!!! MMM!!! :-P


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