Rachael Ray Signs Two Year Deal with the Food Network

The Food Network announced this week that Rachael Ray signed a two-year deal that includes a new primetime series called Rachael’s Vacation launching in January 2008. The deal also includes 60 new episodes per year of 30 Minute Meals. The New York Times informs us that this 60 episodes is down from 80 last year and the her new show will consists of 13 episodes. Rachael's agent told the NY Times that the cut back on the number of episodes for 30-Minute Meals will “make her happier and well-rested and enable her to take a breath and concentrate on her total brand a little more.”

Brooke Johnson, President of the Food Network, had this to say about the deal:

“Rachael is the quintessential example of the homegrown stars we create at Food Network,” said Johnson. “She has been with us since 2001 and we have built a strong partnership that will continue for years to come and bring more new and exciting projects.”

Rachael’s Vacation will premiere on January 12 at 9 PM ET/PT. It "follows Rachael as she takes time to sneak away and have a vacation. Viewers will follow as she discovers the distant cities, countries, foods, and lifestyles that continue to amaze and excite her." This now clears up why her latest magazine and recent episodes of her talk show referenced a "vacation" to Spain and Portugal. We know Rachael can't really take that much time off work, right?

Here's a bit more from the Network describing the show:

On this international odyssey, Rachael’s motto is “can do” travel. From pubs in Dublin to markets in Bordeaux, from a fairy tale carriage ride in Lisbon to a marathon of tapas in Barcelona, Rachael charts her course for exciting finds near and far. In every episode, viewers will experience the hip, fun, and funky places she loves; with her ideas, info and tips on where to holiday whether for globe trotting or weekending. She will also visit bookstores, house-ware haunts, shoe shops, and boutiques; plus street festivals, museums, and farmers’ markets.

I'm looking forward to it since when we went to Europe this year, we tried to adopt a similar approach. It's not about fancy restaurants and tourist traps - it's about getting a glimpse into a different culture. I wil probably miss the greater emphasis on food that Tasty Travels had, but I will reserve judgment until I see it!

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  1. It's about time. Giada's gonna be busy with a young'un real soon.


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