New York Post Q&A with Rachael Ray

The New York Post conducted a Question and Answer session with Rachael Ray to discuss what's going on for Rach these days. The first couple questions kinda crack me up, since they are so negative. Maybe the interviewer had a case of the Mondays or something?

Here are a few of the most interesting questions and answers, but you should go check out the full article.

How do you think you've managed to reach this level of success with no formal chef training?

I think the brand and the shows are successful because they're very accessible. Everyone can look at anything in the magazines or books or TV shows and know that they can do it themselves. So it's that level of comfort. People know that if they try any of the stuff they're watching or reading about, they'll probably have a good success rate.

Americans eat pretty poorly. Do you think this can change?

I think it's gotten a bit better. People are learning moderation, especially because so many young people are into cooking, and they're doing this whole fun movement of their own and getting more involved in their diets. I think little by little we're gonna see a generation of people that are really kind of foodies. It's about little steps - not about giving up mac and cheese, but using whole grain pasta instead of white pasta, and working in a few more veggies.

As your empire grows, are you still hands-on in every aspect of your business?

I write all the recipes. People would know if I didn't because I'm not a chef - I do things differently. I do 90 percent of my work on the magazine on my computer and send it in. The books aren't as much of a challenge as they might look, because the core of those books comes out of work I have to do anyway. I pick whatever we were doing that year on the shows, and build up from there.

What have you learned about cooking that you didn't know before you became famous?

Food is a wonderful hobby because you're always learning, every time you eat out, travel or talk to someone in a grocery store. I don't think I'm any more skilled than when I started because a chef is a chef. I would have to go through some serious, hardcore, back-in-the-day cheffy school to really be a master. So there's a certain skill level I don't think I'll ever attain. I'm comfortable chopping onions the way I chop onions. I'm 39 years old, and I've been chopping them that way since I was 10.

With all your traveling, what are your favorite places to go?
The open food markets. It's where you really get to know the culture and the food at the same time. My favorite things over the years are all the different spices, pastes and jarred sauces you can bring home, because food is a wonderful thing like that - it's a way to keep re-living your travels. It can remind you where you come from, or it can take you back to all the great places you've been.

Photo from Every Day with Rachael Ray.


  1. I missed the promo today for next week's schedule, can someone tell me when the Ty Pennington Extreme Gift Segment is airing?

  2. I thought RR was into turning the Dunkin' Donuts menu into something more--as she puts it--"figure-friendly." What's with the ads for DD's new Hash Browns?

  3. I don't ever get to see her commercials, so I'm not sure exactly which one you're talking about. As far as I know, the healthier menu options development was just one part of her deal with them (with the coffee being another part, and I guess hash browns now, too).

  4. Anony - I'm not sure when it's airing, but they update their website over the weekend, so you can check it out there (

  5. Thanks for the update Madeline. Jeff...the "figure friendlyness" of the hash browns are that they are oven baked not fried.

    I am totally confused by her alliance with DD since she has her Yum-o! Organization whose mission is to educate and empower families across America to make healthier food choices.

    Not sure how DD plays into that. Very mixed messaging.

  6. Anony - her philosophy for awhile now has been everything in moderation. So while DD may be a good daily stop for coffee (according to what you non-Californians tell me!), it can still be a treat every now and then. At least, that's the way I look at it....


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