Rachael Ray Featured in the Boston Globe

The Boston Globe's Jonathan Levitt recently profiled Rachael Ray in honor of her new cookbook, Just In Time. These articles just crack me up, since it always seems liike the journalists really don't want to like Rachael, but they just can't help themselves.

Levitt refers to Rachael as "the saucy, catch-phrase-spouting Food Network star." But it only gets better: "When I sit down with Cusimano and Ray at XV Beacon, I'm expecting Ray's cheerleading television personality, the raspy-voiced go-getter cook who drops food on the floor and giggles at her own jokes. In person, she's not a kid's birthday party clown, but rather street-smart, sarcastic, bossy, and witty." See what I mean?

He also kindly tells us what Rachael and her husband John ordered: "Ray orders a grapefruit without the sabayon sauce that accompanies it - "nothing fancy," she says - along with a well-done three-egg Denver omelet (ham and cheese). The Dunkin' Donuts huckster tells the waiter to keep the coffee coming. Cusimano orders wiener schnitzel and we talk about dogs."

Although, I think I figured out how she won the guy over. Now, remember, this is the Boston Globe:

She's a die-hard Red Sox fan, and in 2006 she threw out the first pitch from the real mound, with some real heat, right into Jason Varitek's mitt. She's funny, quick to smile, and really listens. She doesn't utter a single "yum-o," "delish," or "heads-up guys."

The article goes on to discuss how Rachael can be a polarizing figure, but also notes how she doesn't take it seriously. Rachael also shared that she is driven from Greenwich Village in a hybrid car to her studio near Grand Central Station. And, I'm sad to say, there is still a "waiting list of 120,000 people to fill the audience of 120 seats." The article also has a recipe from Just in Time: Southern Style Shepherd's Pie.

Check out the full article, where Rachael and John talk about spending time in the kitchen and their NYC neighborhood.

Photo from the Boston Globe.


  1. See? People who complain about her are envious of her rapid rise--please pardon the yeast metaphor--to the top of the culinary Mt. Olympus. The vast number of stars who appear on her show--not to mention her legion of true fans--love her dearly...like me. I faithfully use EVOO in all my cooking except deep-frying and Asian.

  2. Very true, Jeff! I certainly owe RR for teaching me how to cook!


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