Rachael Ray Supports Your New Year's Resolution

Ah, the New Year, full of promise and opportunity, until your first McDonald's craving. Don't worry, you are not alone. Just check out the gym this week and a month from now if you want any reassurance.

It appears that Rachael Ray knows that many of us start the new year with a goal of eating healthier. In a recent newsletter sent out by her magazine, the following 30-minute meals were offered as good opportunities to aviod take out and make your own good food:

Tuna Steaks Proven├žale
Mu Shu Chicken Patties with Seared Napa Cabbage
Greek Lemon and Orzo Soup
Venetian Fish Stoup
Whole Wheat Penne with Mushrooms, Kale and Hazelnut Gravy

I haven't tried any of these, have you? Now, watch how quickly I can discard each healty recipe. I don't like Tuna, I don't like fish soup, and I barely tolerate mushrooms. So, that leaves me with the Mu Shu Chicken Patties with Seared Napa Cabbage and the Green Lemon and Orzo Soup. I think I'll be a good girl and try both.

Photo from Every Day with Rachael Ray.


  1. My husband made the vegetable stew that was on 30 Minute Meals last Sunday morning, and it rocked. Very healthy and light, but hearty.

  2. Lisa,

    Your comment piqued my curiosity about the recipe, so went and found it. It looks good: Vegetable Stew (Giambotta).


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