Super Bowl Recipes from Rachael Ray

It's Super Bowl time again! We're having a few friends over for the game and I'm just now starting to figure exactly what to serve. I try to have at least three or four different things that are good at room temperature, so people can pick at them throughout the game. Now, serving chips and salsa just seems too easy, so I try to avoid that. For me, the Super Bowl = dips!
Here are a few ideas I have for this year, taken from Rachael's recipe collections on the Food Network, her talk show, and her magazine:

Make sure you share your favorites in the comments!


  1. A friend of mine saw a recipe on your tv show that had loaves of hard bread and round bread chili and cheese dip. This show aired on January 25, 2012. I've been looking on line to try to find the recipe with no luck. I would love to make this. Could you please direct me where I can find this recipe?

  2. Here you go! The show was on the 24th, so that might be why you had trouble finding it:


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