A Visit to Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Since my chances of going to New York City (all the way from here in California) anytime soon are slim to none, I definitely like hearing stories about visits to the set of Rachael Ray's talk show. The Burlington Times News featured an article by Charity Apple, who visited Rachael's set a few months ago.

It took about a year for Apple to get tickets to the show and when she sent off for them, she never really expected to hear back. Next thing you know, she got an email with several dates that were available. She eagerly awaited confirmation and finally got the call that the tickets were theirs.

After making all the necessary arrangements, Apple found out that her husband failed to leave out an important piece of information: "Hubby didn’t bother to reveal there was a chance we wouldn’t be on the show at all. The fine print on the e-mails clearly indicated that audience admission is on a first-come, first–serve basis. Just because you had a ticket didn’t automatically mean you’d be a part of the show."

They got to the studio as early as possible and they ended up getting there one hour and 45 minutes early. Turns out that was the right thing to do, since the "cutoff for audience participation was seven people behind us. Some people stood in line for at least an hour and didn’t get to be a part of the show."

Make sure you go read the full article to learn the details about the taping, but here's my favorite excerpt from the article:

Rachael Ray is as you see her on TV. It’s been said that she’s one of the hardest working people at The Food Network and I believe it. She had been in the studio all morning and all afternoon and still had more work to do before going home for the day.

There were moments when the cameras weren’t rolling that she’d sing to her spoons or dance around the studio. But when the camera was on, she was focused but still seemed to have a great time.


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