The End of Rachael Ray's Talk Show?

I'm so skeptical these days of any story about Rachael Ray written using any source other than Rachael herself, but I still had to share this, just in case it does turn out to be true. According to the New York Post's Page Six, Rachael's talk show contract will not be renewed when it runs out in 2010 and could even be pulled off the air before then.

Rachael's rep informed Page Six that the show is renewed through 2010, "so canceling is not an option." King World, who produces Rachael's show, has vehemently denied the story to the Huffington Post and corrected several inaccuracies.

The speculation is based on "an impeccable TV source" who told Page Six, "They are seriously talking about taking her off the air." Apparently, the issue is the show's ratings:

When she debuted two years ago, she had a meager 2.5 rating, which her syndicator, King World, nonetheless trumpeted as "The biggest syndicated debut since 'Dr. Phil.' " In fact, one insider said, "They had hoped for more. 'Dr. Phil' beats 'Oprah' and gets like a 5.0 rating - and Rachael's set is very expensive and elaborate; his is just chairs."

A rep for Ray fumed that she's not alone in her falling numbers: Oprah, who discovered the bubbly chef, was down 15 percent from February 2007 as were "Live with Regis and Kelly," "The Tyra Banks Show" and "The Martha Stewart Show."

In 2007, Ray's syndicated show averaged a 2.2 Nielsen rating and has already dipped to 2.0 this year. An insider said, "Anything below a 2.0 is asking for trouble."

Another bad indicator is that in 2007, the average age of a daytime "Rachael Ray" viewer was 53.4, with only 776,000 women between ages 18 and 49 (the show's target demo) tuning in. In 2008, both numbers have taken a turn for the worse. The average-age viewer today is 55.1, with only 688,000 women between ages 18 and 49 tuning in.

I dunno what to think about this one. It seems pretty silly to talk about not renewing her contract after 2010 when that is so far away. Plus, the anonymous source said they could pull the show off the air, which makes no sense since her contract goes through 2010. I guess we'll just have to wait two years and see! I certainly hope it's not true!

Photo from Page Six.


  1. I think it is odd to talk about her set as "expensive and elaborate", when it has been around for two years and has been paid for time and again. It's not like they are paying rent on the set, it was in the start up costs. It just doesn't sound like a good excuse for not renewing the show.
    Uncle Stephen

  2. I wonder if you DVR or Tivo something if it shows up in the ratings as you actually watching it? I DVR RR every day, as I am not home to watch it live. Hmmm...

  3. As far as I know, the only people who get counted in the ratings are the families who have a special box connected to the computer, from the Nielsen company. My DVR is connected via phone line, so I know DirectTV does get info on what I am watching, but I think that's a different situation than the official ratings.

  4. Losing the Rachael Ray show from Daytime will be like the sky without the sun-
    She is the bright spot on the very old and tired daytime television-
    Start writing to kingworld and let them know we do not want to LOSE our Rach !!!

  5. I LOVE Rach, but I'm honestly no fan of her talk show. Not geared towards 33 year old single guys, I'm afraid. But, funnily, I'm a bit disturbed by this story. It seems a bit more credible as Madeline described it than the usual trash talking RR stuff we hear WAYYYY to much about. I'm mixed, I guess. 2nd season seemed a tiny bit better than the first IMHO. And even I loved the episode wher Rach threw the Prom for the H.S. devistated by the tornado. And, the time the firefighter who cooks 30 min. meals was profiled.

    I just hate to see another Rach show disappear, even if its not to my taste. I already miss $40 a Day dearly. TT & Rach's Vacation just aren't the same. Madeline, if this turns out to be true (I know its a couple years away), can you/we start a petition?


    Good News :)

    Thursday, March 13
    Rachael's NOT Leaving Daytime TV

    Page Six reported this morning that "an impeccable TV source" revealed Rachael's daytime talkshow would be taken off the air at the end of her contract.

    Not so, says King World--the company that distributes her talkshow.

    The problem is Ray's ratings. When she debuted two years ago, she had a meager 2.5 rating, which her syndicator, King World, nonetheless trumpeted as "The biggest syndicated debut since 'Dr. Phil.' " In fact, one insider said, "They had hoped for more. 'Dr. Phil' beats 'Oprah' and gets like a 5.0 rating - and Rachael's set is very expensive and elaborate; his is just chairs."

    The Huffington Post has a statement from King World: "The Rachael Ray show is one of the best talk show performers and during the recently completed February sweeps period there was only one show performed better — Dr. Phil."


    From everything I've read in Broadcasting & Cable, Rachael's show is one of the few to be doing "well" in the daytime TV game. Her show is distributed across nearly 99% of the country and is in all major markets. Conversely, Martha Stewart's show is only seen in "over 85%" of the country.

    So does any of this matter?

    Yes, actually. I'm sick of hearing the reports about Rachael being a tough, hard to work with, bitch. How does anyone think Martha Stewart ended up being worth like a billion dollars? Because she's been a bitch throughout her entire career to all the people who claimed she couldn't do something.

    You know what? Bitch is the new black!

    I'm sure working with Dr. Phil is no picnic. You never see any news reports about horrified staff members complaining about just how tough their lives are with that man in charge.

    I'm not even defending her talkshow here, just the double standard. It's just so crazy that report after report comes out about her increasing her ratings, only to have stuff show up in Page Six claiming otherwise.

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    posted by jacob @ 10:46 AM

  7. I would hate to see the show go. I DVR it everyday since it's on while I'm at work. I love how it has a little bit of everything. Hopefully this is all a bunch of bull.

  8. I LOVE it "Bitch is the NEW BLACK !!!! I doubt very much Rach is a bitch- I can believe she may have bitchy days - hell we all do-
    I knew someone who worked for Martha back in pre-prison days and he told me she threw tomatoes at him when she was yelling -

    Rach Rocks and she ROCKS Daytime television for the first time in about 10 years I tivo something on Daytime-
    Love ya Rach !


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