Everyone's Talking About Rachael's SXSW Party

Well, for all the belly aching that occurred before Rachael Ray's SXSW party, the vast majority of people who attended sure seemed to have a good time. Some say it was the food, some say it was the open bar, but the overall feeling is that Rachael knows how to throw a party. As if we didn't already know that, right?

There were about a gazillion articles and blog posts about it, but here are the ones that caught my attention:
  • HouStoned has pictures from Rachael Ray's SXSW party.
  • The New York Times' Arts Beat has some video from the event.
  • Billboard's Jaded Insider attended Rachael's party and offers some details.
  • The AP talked to Rachael about the event.
  • People magazine gives some details about the performance by The Cringe, whose lead singer is Rachael's husband John Cusimano.
  • Victor of losanjealous has some pictures of the party (and the food) as well as a little bit of commentary.
  • Julio of Cause=Time was a skeptic, but he seems impressed by Rachael Ray's party.

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