Mr. Rachael Ray

Details magazine's April issue (on newsstands now) includes a very interesting article about Rachael Ray's husband, John Cusimano. The article mostly focuses on John's membership in The Cringe, where he is the lead singer. He discusses how the rumors regarding their marriage have affected him: "My initial reaction was shock," he says. "But I guess it's an occupational hazard, you know? The more I get used to my position, I just kind of roll my eyes and say, ˜Whatever.' If this is the worst thing I need to contend with, I'll be okay." A short pause. "We'll be okay."

The article goes on to talk about what Rachael and John's home life is like:

Cusimano and Ray live in a downtown Manhattan apartment that is notably modest for a woman Forbes estimates earns $6 million a year. "Rachael would kill me if she knew I was showing you the place this messy," Cusimano says one afternoon while giving a tour of the four very narrow floors; the place has the feel of multiple studio apartments stacked on top of each other. He shows off what he calls "our Vegas room" (a nook with a card table and poker chips), the roof deck ("great for martinis in the summer"), and one of the bathrooms, which is Asian-themed, with glass tiles ("Rachael let me pick the design"). Finally, there is the kitchen—a startlingly minuscule one. "People are always shocked that our kitchen is so small," Cusimano says, tapping a mini-fridge that looks like it belongs in a dorm room. "They think, Rachael Ray is a big-time chef! How can she work like this? But you know what? This is all she needs. It's amazing what she can do in here. She cooks us dinner most nights. She likes nothing better than to be in her pajamas, cooking, with a glass of wine, at home with her dog. It helps her relax."

The article goes on to talk about their first dates (one of which included Rachael's family!) and how they met. At the time, Rachael's empire was just beginning, so she only had her show on the Food Network, which John had never seen.

There are also details about how Rachael's business is arranged and what John's role is in that business. There is also a mention of a rumor I recently heard, which is that she is creating a line of dog food. Well, there's a mention of a top secret photo shoot that involves Isaboo, and I connected the dots.

Make sure you go check out the full article!

Photo from Details.


  1. Interesting article. Nice to hear about their lives from a different point of view.

  2. Yup - it was definitely a fresh perspective.


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