Rachael Ray to Throw SXSW Party

I was skeptical about a story I read at Pitchfork (NSFW) stating that Rachael Ray was hosting a party at SXSW. But, since reading that story, I've seen it mentioned by Rolling Stone and many other sources, including Rachael herself. Rachael does tend to mention being a big music fan on many of her shows, not to mention her husband is in a band (the Cringe). But I was still surprised!

Rachael's party will include a band called Holy F**ck, which Pitchfork describes as creating "abrasive instrumental art rock." Riiiiggghht. It will also include the Raveonettes, the Stills, Scissors for Lefty, Autovaughn, and the Cringe. Pitchfork also informs us that the party is called "FEEDBACK Showcase...a feast of hot bands and tasty foods" and it will be on Saturday, March 15 from 12pm to 6 pm at Beauty Bar. The SXSW website also says: "Special cocktails provided by Rose's Mojito and lots of Rachael's Tasty Recipies. Open to all SXSW badgeholders."

MTV weighed in this week, basically telling the music snobs of the world to simmer down. They talked to Rachael about the negative comments being thrown her way in the blogosphere and she had this to say: "I'm not aware about what blogs were saying about me," Ray told MTV News on Tuesday (March 4). "To be honest, I have five jobs, so I'm aware of what I have to do for them when we get up in the morning. But I don't see why we'd be out of place down there, when we're just fans of music who decided to put on a show. I guess if they don't like good music, and they don't like good food, they don't have to go."

Rachael also discussed her love of indie music:

"My husband and I listened to a bunch of discs and picked our favorites," Ray explained. "We also have Sirius, so we're always listening to the Left of Center program, which is how we heard the Raveonettes. With a band like [Holy F---], I have to say that it was the name that got us listening. But we're glad we did. They're pretty good.

"And I don't understand why that's so surprising. I find it weird that they find it weird. People think I'm like this food robot or something, but music is a huge part of my life," she continued. "I'm a huge fan of rock music in general — all kinds. I like indie stuff, my favorite band is the Foo Fighters. When I first met my husband, he told me what he made for dinner the night before, and I thought, 'OK, well, he can cook.' And then he told me he had a band and I was like, 'Aw, jeez. I hope they're good,' because I couldn't deal with someone who didn't play good music."

MTV also asked Rachael if she'd be throwing a party at SXSW next year, too: "I have so many commitments and so many jobs that it'd be really hard for me to sneak out and do this again next year," Ray sighed. "So this might just be a one-time thing. And to be honest, the food is more of what I care about."

If you end up going to SXSW and make it to Rachael's party, make sure you come back and tell us how it was!


  1. I love your site. I have had the extreme compliment of having one of my recipes go into her new cookbook currently in the makes for YUM-O. Check out my blog. Thank you and again I really love what you have done with this site!
    Debby :)

  2. Thanks, Debby. I couldn't find a link to your blog on your profile?

  3. I am pretty new to blogging. I really just started to explore and enjoy blogging. So I figured it out and now you can access my blog. Thanks Madeline!

    I love that you are local here in Sac.


  4. Why does there always have to be naysayers? I think it is great that she is lending her *celebrity* to something she loves. I am sure these bands aren't complaining about the exposure she's getting them!

  5. Thanks, Debbie!

    Leigh - I agree - some people are just whiners.


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