A Rachael Ray Recipe Kiosk in Your Grocery Store

Every once in awhile, some suits in a big fancy office building actually hit on something us regular folks could really use. I think they might have done that with a recent deal between Reader's Digest, which publishes Rachael Ray's magazine, and grocery stores.

According to Mediaweek, the idea is to have kiosks in grocery stores where customers can access recipes and cooking tips from magazines Every Day with Rachael Ray and Taste of Home, and Allrecipes.com. The kiosks, made by Shop to Cook, will be in the meat and produce sections of "more than 200 supermarket chains including Brookshires and Schnucks," and "the machines allow shoppers to look up and print recipes and coupons."

Here's what one of the suits had to say about it:

Brenda White, vp, director, print investment at Starcom USA, said the offering seemed like a natural extension of Rachael Ray and one that would be attractive to food marketers looking to reach shoppers at the point of decision. "Going in-store is a big deal," said White. "It's going to give more incentive for buyers to partner with them."

So on those nights where you're running late or feeling lazy, you can just go to the grocery store, pick out a recipe, and get the groceries all in one fell swoop. Is it really sad that I get so excited about these things? My Safeway better be getting one of these kiosks or there will be hell to pay!

Photo from Shop to Cook.


  1. Here in Florida, there are three domminant grocery chains...Publix,
    Winn-Dixie, and Albertsons. (Kash 'n Karry runs a close fourth.) Simply because Rachael mentioned Winn-Dixie in a recipe segment on her talk show, I hope W-D gets the kiosks. (While they carry some really decent foodstuffs, they don't carry naturally brewed soy sauce...bummer!)

  2. that is AWESOME! I hope it makes it to my grocery stores!


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