Rachael Ray Talks to Ok! Magazine

OK! magazine is taking a bunch of heat for putting a really old picture of Britney on its cover for a story about her current weight loss. Well, luckily they took some time away from that drama to check in with Rachael Ray and her husband John at a Food Bank fundraiser.

When discussing what Rachael does after a long day, John said this: “She cooks all the time! She’ll be at work and have to cook three or four meals. To unwind, believe it or not, she likes to cook.”

Rachael said the same thing: “We make dinner every night so that’s as varied as there are numbers of days in the year,” she says. “We make something every night.”

So what do they have for dinner? “We eat a largely Mediterranean diet, so lots of canned fish, lots of canned tomatoes, lots of canned peas, lots of fish,” Rachael says. “We love sardines and anchovies, which are also healthy for you, which is great. Pasta, of course. You’ve gotta love it.”

Check out the full article for a pic of Rachael and John at the event.

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