Rachael's Not Feuding with Oprah!

Why oh why do the tabloids have to make up stories? Well, I guess selling papers is their main motivation, but you'd think they could come up with something better than the latest story, which is that Oprah and Rachael Ray are feuding.

MSNBC debunked the rumor by citing an interview with Rachael and Oprah's best buddy, Gayle King, which aired yesterday. In the interview, Gayle says: “I read something that you two were fighting. I know that’s not true.” King told Ray.

Rachael commented that when the rumors stared back in January, she and Oprah "hadn’t even spoken in months." And when they did speak, it was all sunshine and happiness: "Ray told King that when the news broke, 'we had written each other sweet notes, it was her birthday and I sent her snack of the day and she sent me a note.'”

So, yet again, there's no truth to this rumor. Oprah and Rachael Ray are still buddies!

Photo from MSNBC.

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  1. That's just like the other urban legend attributed to Tommy Hilfiger
    which he allegedly uttered on Oprah's show...about not designing clothes for African-Americans. Oprah had to post a notice on her website denying it ever happened...because, up to that point, Hilfiger was never a guest on her show.


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