Rachael's Shoe

If you've been watching Rachael Ray's talk show, then you probably saw the shoe at left being featured on the show. It's part of a new line from Rachael's buddy Gretta Monahan, called Gretta Style.

Gretta's selling her brand new footwear collection on QVC. The first shoe is called “The Rachael” and retails for $45.

As for the rest of the line, here's the summary:
"Inspired for stylish women with busy lives, this line of sandals, heels and ballet flats emphasizes on-trend styling like cone heels and peep toes, and comfort features such as soft, flexible materials and insole padding. Each shoe features signature elements, including a pink-painted bottom, made from a special component that prevents scuffing, and metallic hardware embossed with a G! The entire collection will be available to view on QVC.COM after the premiere."

Let me know if you run out and get yourself The Rachael!


  1. Finally! After all the times RR has spoken about comfortable, affordable shoes, her style buddy came up with them. Here's to Gretta!

  2. Wow Rachael shoes! Thanks for visiting our blog.

  3. They have these shoes in leopard and they are very cute. Thanks for this post!

  4. These shoes are hot


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