Rachael Ray Named a Tasty Chef by EW

Well, if winning a Daytime Emmy wasn't satisfying enough for Rachael Ray, she doesn't have to worry. She was named one of 17 Tasty TV Chefs by EW magazine. Rachael is in good company, too. Other chefs named are her buddy Mario Batali, her other buddy Bobby Flay, and fellow Food Network star Jamie Oliver. Okay, let's be honest, almost every TV chef is listed, so it's really kinda silly. Here's what EW had to say about Rach:

Foodies may hold up their nose to Ray's simplified methods — cans! frozen goods! a repellent hot dog here and there — but even Ray has admitted, ''I'm not a chef, I just cook.'' Chalk up Ray's mass appeal to knowing how real people shop and eat. Astonishingly productive, Ray has wrung her practical lifestyle into a full-on brand: three programs — her trademark meal-in-half-an-hour cooking show, the $40 a day travel guide, and a syndicated daily talk show — a lucrative cookbook series, and a magazine lay the foundation to the giggly 39-year-old's burgeoning empire. She's even coined a new term: ''EVOO'' (that's extra virgin olive oil, if you've been living under a rock) was officially inducted into Oxford American English College dictionary in 2006.

Photo from Every Day with Rachael Ray.


  1. Name the cooking expert...Giada...
    Tyler...Paula Deen...I've seen them and more use pre-packaged foods in their recipes(I've even watched GDL use a garbage bowl, a RR tradition). So it's no crime, and a great relief to know a home cook can get away with it.

  2. i love Rachael. i really think she is a role model for girls.

  3. Rachael has a winning personality, and I think that is the real secret to her success. I've followed her since her inception on The Food Network, and have seen her do one great thing after the other. I can't believe she's turning 40 this year! She certainly has a lot to show for it.


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