It's a Keeper: Cajun Pork Burgers

Rachael Ray calls herself the Queen of Burgers and I have to say that she isn't lying. These Cajun Pork Burgers were, like all of Rachael's burger recipes that I have tried, outstanding. I'm usually skeptical of a burger recipe without cheese on it, but these burgers have so much flavor, you won't even miss that cheese at all. I promise.

What really gives these burgers that extra something something is the special sauce. So, whatever you do, don't cut corners on the sauce! I served the burgers with some veggies that I drizzled with EVOO and some McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning and roasted in the oven until they were nice and tender.

3/4 pound andouille, removed from casing
1 pound ground pork
1 rib celery, finely chopped
1/2 green bell pepper, finely chopped
1 small white onion (boiling onion), finely chopped
3 cloves garlic, minced
4 sprigs fresh thyme, chopped, about 1 tablespoon or 1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper sauce, several drops
Coarse salt and black pepper

Special Sauce:
1/2 cup chili sauce
1/4 cup (3 well-rounded tablespoons) mayonnaise or reduced fat mayonnaise
1/4 cup (3 well-rounded tablespoons) prepared sweet red pepper relish
Toppings: Bibb lettuce or hearts of romaine, sliced vine ripe tomato, and 5 crusty rolls

Serving suggestion: Red Bean Salad, Cajun Oven Fries, recipes follow

Cut sausage into large chunks and place in a food processor. Grind sausage into crumbles. Combine ground sausage with pork, vegetables, garlic, thyme, hot sauce and a little salt and pepper. Form mixture into patties and cook 7 minutes on each side on an indoor electric grill preheated to high [I think she's specific about an indoor electric grill because the burgers probably don't stick together well enough to use an outdoor grill]. To cook in a skillet, heat a nonstick skillet over medium high heat and cook burgers 6 to 7 minutes on each side. For outdoor grill, cook patties 6-inches from hot coals or over medium high gas heat 6 minutes on each side, covered.

Mix chili sauce, mayonnaise, and sweet relish in a small bowl. Serve burgers on crusty rolls with special sauce, lettuce, and tomato. Serve with red bean salad and Cajun oven fries.

P.S. Don't forget a cold beer for Pop! [Rachael's Dad is Cajun, so I think this is a little note for him.]

Rachael's Recommended side dishes:
Red Bean Salad
Cajun Oven Fries


  1. Oh, I have to make these. They look delish!
    ~The Cat's Pajamas

  2. These look great Madeline. I'll have try this one for certain!

    Happy Friday ;)


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